Freaking Awesome Major Agent Announcement

I’m elated to announce that I have just accepted an offer of representation from Alex Slater at Trident Media Group! He’ll be representing my new Young Adult (YA) horror novel series and other YA projects.

According to Publishers Marketplace, Trident has for the last six years ranked #1 in North American sales. They represent a star-studded list of clients like Deepak Chopra, Chris Claremont and the Frank Herbert Dune estate, as well as some of my friends and favorite writers, including Dave Schow, Kate Maruyama and Dr. Agustin Fuentes. (Not to mention this little organization that just nominated Mr. Wicker for an award.)

Before I sent him a query, I started “cyberstalking” Alex and read all the interviews with him that I could find. I learned he was looking for the dark stuff, which was exactly what I had. I dug that he was a newer agent who not only understood crossover markets but also had a considerable background representing Trident’s foreign rights. As stated in his bio, “His experience in representing fiction in these areas showed him…how to maximize the value of what an author has created.” The year I lived in France opened my eyes to how important this is. The world is huge. While we don’t always think about this while we’re writing, we need someone in our court who does.

Also, it turns out Alex already had a special connection to one of the book’s big surprises. Therefore, when my query hit his inbox, it stood out in a major way. I knew from our first conversation he was the right agent for this series. He got it, loved it, and had intelligent insights. Plus, he was with Trident, one of my dream agencies.

So. Freaking. AWESOME.

Here’s to a beautiful new relationship!

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