A Few Good Things

1. I’m drinking Cîroc vodka: chilled, neat.

2. I’m eating homemade cornbread that I just baked.

3. I just finished a HUGE writing project for the technology company in Pasadena. I have written copy for an entirely new website, promotional emails, interstitials, blog entries, a press release and promo tiles. I had less than three weeks to not only come up to speed on an entire industry I knew nothing about, but learn everything about a sort of product I had never known even existed before 9/11/07 and write all of these items in the mean time. My co-workers have been expressing their collective astonishment at how quickly I learned everything. There’s still much more to learn, though. Oh, yes.

4. A whole lot of people told Cary Tennis on Salon to utterly and completely piss off. This has to be the worst piece of advice I’ve ever read in my life. Lie to your children to make them feel better! Yes, Cary, that’s it. That’s what adults should do. Lie. Pretend. The children will never know. There are, in fact, so many things wrong with this piece, I think this guy should be fired as a columnist. But I’m just a half-drunk, atheist-loving Francophile. What do I know?

5. A co-worker just loaned me If The Creek Don’t Rise. Rita Williams is a friend of his. I’m looking forward to reading it very much.

6. The Frenchman and I are staying in a romantic, old-style Italian hotel in Ventura this weekend that just happens to be allegedly haunted by a dead prostitute as we visit Klaun and his wife out that direction.

Life has its good points at the moment.

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