The Case of the Missing Kitten

We lost Robie last night. Again. We searched high and low, flushed toilets, opened food, called, meowed, purred, turned on his favorite obnoxious toy (a motion detection-enabled “crate” with a person inside screaming “Excuse me! Excuse me! WILL YOU LET ME OUT OF HERE!” as it rocks and shakes).

Nothing. Not a peep.

So, I broke down and cast a horary chart. I asked, “Where is Robie?”

The answer was very straightforward: The planet that ruled Robie was Jupiter, which was in Sagittarius in the 6th House. Sagittarius rules universities and law. The 6th House in horary, according to Anthony Louis, indicates the lost thing is “inside something” and “in a cupboard, closet, drawer or file cabinet” where one “works or does chores.” And as the 6th House is what they call “cadent,” it indicates that the missing item has “slipped behind” something.

I told The Frenchman that Robie had to be in his desk, or at the very least extremely close to it. The Frenchman looked at me dubiously, trudged back to his desk downstairs, and started reopening all of the drawers, checking the window sill behind the blinds by his chair, etc.


Depressed, we sat together on the floor by his desk, wondering what on earth could have happened to our now six-pound kitten, when The Frenchman leaned over and removed a plastic, lockable file container from the cubby under his desk drawers…

Guess who walked out from behind it?

(Incidentally, this is the second thing I’ve found for The Frenchman in as many weeks using horary.)

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