Three-Alarm Kitten

Yesterday around a quarter to noon, I got a call from ADT on my cell phone at work. They told me all three buttons on my control panel had been pushed: the fire department, police and “panic.”

Two things went through my mind. 1) This is a helluva glitch and 2) The Frenchman was in trouble, tore open the alarm panel, and hit the keypad with an open hand (which is exactly what I’d do if I were in trouble).

ADT tried to send the fire department, but I told them not to. The police were already there, as the “panic” button signal essential goes straight to them without a follow up to me. I kept ADT on the phone as I tried multiple times to reach The Frenchman on my work phone to no avail. I fled work, jumped in the car, and screamed down the highway to our house. As I reached home, ADT said that “someone” entered the correct code to turn off the alarm, which was super weird. Officer #1 was waiting for me and for a backup officer. When the backup arrived, they took my keys and went into the house. “Do you have anything in there we should know about?” Officer #1 asked.

“Yes,” I replied. “An extremely friendly kitten. Please don’t let him out!”

“We’ll see what we can do.”

The cops went inside and set off the alarm again. Robie was right there at the doorway, wanting outside, but they reached down and held him in until they finished bellowing into the house. “Police officers! Identify yourself if you’re inside!”

Nothing but the deafeningly shrill trill of the alarm. They shut the door behind them.

After some nervous minutes, they emerged and said to my relief that they couldn’t find anything. They let me in and I shut off the alarm. They both then looked puzzled but slightly amused.

Officer #2 grinned. “Your kitten really IS friendly! He followed us to every single room!”

I picked up Robie and held him up to the officer. He grinned more widely and wiggled his finger at Robie. “You’re really cute. And I’m really allergic.”

“Oh, then I likes you deh mostest!” I said in Robie’s voice. I turned to Officer #1. “Thank you! We’re sorry this was weird!”

He gave Robie a quick scritch and they left. We didn’t get fined (at least, not on the spot). ADT said they would pay for it because, as it turns out, The Frenchman hadn’t been home for two hours when it happened. And this is the second time something like this has occurred.

The adrenaline really threw my appetite and everything out of whack for the rest of the day. But I’m sure relieved that nothing was wrong!

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