The Unveiling

Remember the ad agency gig I told you about? The site is about to launch. I’ll post a link as soon as it’s available. I’m a bit biased, but I really like what we did.

Unfortunately, my client on the project informs me that the flash designer we hired turns out to be a con artist. She says that he disappeared for lengths of time and left her in spectacularly bad situations with the people for whom we were creating the site.

Apparently he’s famous for ripping off people’s deposits, which she discovered too late. When she demanded that he return her graphics and other collateral, he refused unless she paid him. I’m not sure how they resolved the stand-off, but she did hire a mutual friend of ours to swoop in and save the day.

(If it’s the same guy, he used to be — and might still be — a Scientologist.)

At this news, I decided to Google the name of Mad-ame Scientist, with whom I had a hell ride on Friday for my ailments, shelling out many hundreds of dollars for treatment and medication that, it turns out, wasn’t much help. Rather than uncovering lots of patient praise, I discovered she is a popular prescriber of medical cannabis. While I’m all for medicinal uses of pot, this was not what I was hoping to see as her “high” point. I’m now mentally reviewing a conversation I had with a friend right after the exam. Even if by some miracle her diagnosis was accurate, Mad-ame Scientist definitely sounded addled.

I have a second opinion scheduled for Thursday morning.

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