The Speech About Gender That Hillary Will Never Give

And why.

Holy crap! I couldn’t believe someone actually said this, but it’s insanely true:

Because as much as Hillary Clinton the wife and the woman and the mom no doubt hates it, Hillary Clinton the candidate has largely benefited from her husband’s extracurricular activities. That’s because—and this is the tragic part—America seems to like her best when she’s being victimized—by Bill or Rick Lazio or the media. In that sense, her husband is a useful prop who reminds us of the extent of her suffering.

Wow. Just…wow. Read the article in Slate.

It all ties into that business about why the public eats up Britney bashing. They love to see women victimized. It’s a national sport. But I’m especially keen on how this article ties it all back into the workings of Hillary’s campaign. Unbelievable.

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