Dr. Horrible’s Ph.D. in Wonderfulness

Hilarious songs! A dorky, lovable villain! The Evil League of Evil! It’s just too fabulous for words!

I’m not sure I would have watched Joss Whedon’s latest effort up on Hulu if it wasn’t for the fact that the scenes of Dr. Horrible’s lair were shot in J’s house, where I got to ring in the New Year. “Monster House,” as he calls it, is pretty much a work of art in and of itself, something so cosmically cool with its mad scientist apparatus and other sci-fi accoutrement that it makes geeks like me drool. It’s no wonder that Joss Whedon, J tells us, had to do next to no set dressing in the house.

And so I finally plugged in yesterday and this morning to see all three episodes. Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog is some kind of major wonderfulness that took me completely off guard. I’d seen a couple episodes of Buffy and didn’t particularly care for it. And while I enjoyed Firefly quite a bit, this is something that sails over the heads of those other shows and hits me square in my happy place.

It’s about damned time something did, too.

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