The Weekend Bulleted (and Bullet Riddled)

What did I do this three-day weekend?

I wrote. A lot. Not as much I’d wanted, though.

Delivered final copy edit notes to the editor of make/shift.

Went out every night except Friday night. Saturday night, I went to The Lair on a surprise visit for the first time since I broke up with The Frenchman. Let’s just say it was a far more fun experience for me than for him.

Last night, I drank margaritas with Lord Arux and we chatted about a great many things. In fact, we shut down the place. And surprising things were said.

I bought food at the Farmer’s Market. Cleaned up after the kitties, who’d managed to repeatedly destroy the recycling bin.

And I slept. Not a lot. But that was okay.

And now I have a new President. How ’bout you?

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