A Little Less Agony…

…but there’s still some agony, nonetheless.

I asked The Google what was wrong, and The Google said it was very possible I was having tension headaches, based on the symptoms. And then The Google said that those are often for women the result of estrogen changes from aging. Can I just say how HORRID it is to go through this debacle I call Puberty 2.0? And how even more horrible it is that older women almost never talk about it? I guess I can understand why. Who wants to be reminded that they are falling apart?


The weekend was well spent seeing The Marquise in her latest play and going to Lady G’s birthday party, where my sword world converged with my writing world and Lord Arux in a completely smashing way. Len Wein was there. I hugged him hard. I met his wife Chris for the first time, which was grand, albeit not under the best circumstances.

Lord Arux made huge amounts of incredibly delicious fudge. Woo!

And now to write.

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