Star Trek: Suck It, JJ

Big. Dumb. Fun.

I just saw the new Star Trek. It’s big. It’s dumb. It’s fun. But I had to try really, really hard to ignore the dumb sometimes to get to the fun. Now that I pay so much money to see something on the big screen, I don’t feel the kind of charity anymore that allows me to call things “dumb” so that I can claim the fun. The plot was dumb. The characters were sometimes dumb. And for fuck’s sake, people, why did the women have to be such second-class citizens even in this “reboot” version? Bras? Panties? Childbirth? NOTHING has changed in 200 years? For Christ’s sake. Really, REALLY fucking dumb.

Earlier I was at a “house cooling” party for Len Wein. They held it to thank those — like Lord Arux — who helped them salvage their belongings. I loved it. Some amazing writers were there, as you’d expect, as well as some friends, and I met the fellow who ran publicity for the original version of my all-time favorite movie, The Wicker Man. I geeked out big time with him.

Incidentally, I was working on my script for The Hunted today. Lord Arux started reading snippets and laughing out loud. I managed to figure out after talking to the Hedgebeast what I needed to do to plow past a plot hurtle. The end result won’t have the insanely cool fight scenes that the Hedgebeast has in hers, but it should be incredibly silly.

I’m personally aiming for smallish smart fun.

And that is all. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend wherever you are!

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