Sacramento Sweets and Placerville Poe

Sunday’s tragedy overshadowed the adventures of the weekend, wherein Lord Arux and I ventured to Sacramento for insane desserts at Rick’s Dessert Diner and a bit of family visitation. At the Diner, I had a cream puff that was so rich it was practically illegal, whilst he had some cake that was 1000% chocolate. They have a real juke box with 45s that actually broke down while we were there, as apparently the “Peggy Sue” record had warped and was sounded like something out of a horror movie as it played. If you are ever stranded in the cuiltural wasteland that is our state capital, do find this fabulous sweet spot.

At one point on Saturday we also found ourselves in Placerville, near where I grew up. Strolling the streets of this quaint gold rush town, we discovered a gorgeous goth shop called Gothic Rose Antiques. We must have scoured the shop, it was so chock full of amazing things. I could have easily gone broke in about two seconds if I’d let myself even buy one thing. I love that such a dark little shop has at long last planted itself right in the middle of Jesus Country. The community needs it, if for no other reason than to inject a little imagination and tolerance in the landscape.

For those wondering about my other cat, Ophelia, she seems to be doing very well with my folks. We loved muchly on her beautiful shiny gray fur and left her purring like a Harley. It was so wonderful to see my fur baby. I miss her tremendously, but she seems to be fine where she is.

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