Bram Stoker Weekend!

Hello, horror fans!

For those coming out to the Bram Stoker Awards Weekend, I just wanted to remind you how to find me. Because, you know, I’m so famous and stuff.

June 11th, Thursday
Dark Delicacies Gang Bang Signing

June 12th, Friday
GLBT in Horror (Panel)

June 13th, Saturday

Come to one — come to all! I’ll be reading my latest work, “Nickleback Ned,” which screenwriter Sean Dickson said was “like reading a thrilling Stephen King story, back when he was fresh and dangerous.”

Or, at least as much as I can. Maybe instead I’ll read “Though Thy Lips Are Pale,” which is appearing in the upcoming Dark Delicacies III with Chuck Palahniuk, Clive Barker and David Morrell. Maybe, just maybe!

I’ll also be at the awards banquet. Looking forward to see the usual suspects and more!

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