The Stoker Awards Weekend: Where the Wild Thing Went

Hey horror fans!

What a fabu weekend! Between Unspeakable Horror winning the Stoker for Best Anthology, having successful pitches and seeing all of my friends, it was a terrific weekend. I even got to show off Lord Arux. Thanks HUGELY to Lisa Morton, for the amazing job she and John Little did in organizing everything. Of course, she hasn’t confessed to how many bodies she’s buried to get it done, but hey. Whatever it takes, right?

Some other highlights:

Meeting Vince Liaguno and his co-editor Chad Helder, as well as several other fellow contributors to the book, as I signed more copies than I’d anticipated at Dark Del’s Thursday night.

Being on the absolutely kick-ass panel for GLBT Horror with Vince, Chad and Hal Bodner. These guys know literature. It’s one of the best discussions I’ve had in ages.

Sneaking over to Pitchfest, where I got to meet the brilliant screenwriter and writing coach, Blake Snyder, who is the author of my favorite screenwriting book, Save the Cat.

Having a fairly successful reading of “Though Thy Lips Are Pale” from the upcoming Dark Delicacies III.

Hearing Tom Monteleone read a terrific tale in the only way that Tom reads.

Winning some kind of costume prize at the Ghoul’s Ball on Friday night. Next two photos courtesy of Scott Edelman.

(I’m…too spooky for my hat. Too spooky for my hat…)

Scott Edelman giving Lord Arux Irene’s banquet ticket so that he could attend with me. Thanks again, my friend!

Seeing pictures of Bill Breedlove’s incredibly cute pet pigeon. Yes, you read that right. She’s all white, too!

Sitting at “The Gay Table” for the Stoker Banquet and being made an Honorary Lesbian. YAY!!!!

Getting the Best Damn Swag item EVAR — a reversible t-shirt for the movie Night Watch. Gray one side, black the other. SWEET.

Taking Loren Rhoads to Forrest Lawn, where we visited graves of movie greats like Bette Davis and Stan Laurel.

And so much more happy. Here’s looking forward to the next.

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