I am a Prodigious Nerd (and Proud of It)

This weekend, I had the enormous pleasure of playing one of Richard Becker’s LARPs, this one based on Joss Whedon’s Firefly/Serenity. I played a wandering Shepard who was a former Companion. I wrote the character myself, and Richard wove her into the storyline and universe. I thoroughly enjoyed that one of my three goals for the evening was to “get into trouble.” Man, how I tried. I consorted with drunks, hot-heads and horny bastards. No luck. She was so sincere and modest, too. I loved it. Although, what I truly loved was the great effort other players put into their costumes and roleplaying. I had a few moments with characters that were definitely memorable. The weird challenge of the evening was trying to pretend Lord Arux was a total stranger. I think I managed admirably, all things considered. I failed in my ultimate goal to get my flock of 200 people off the damned moon during the game. Oh, well! Hey, that’s what they get for following a platinum blonde into space.

Right. Forgot to mention that I wore a shiny blonde wig with flowing Grecian robes, covered by a Spanish Renaissance-style surcoat that I buttoned at the throat, the opening splaying over my cleavage. I carried a “holy book” entitled Cakes for the Queen of Heaven. I even got to “preach” a little from it.

Yesterday popped its head off the pillow and threw itself into the street at a run. We went to Lee Ann and Reid’s wedding reception at Sassi in Encino. I ran into old friends and enjoyed the kosher food. We might have to go back for the Appetizer Plate alone, with its mouthwatering fallafels. Check out the naughty wedding cake topper!

After the wedding, Lord Arux bought me a two-month early birthday present. Since my DVD player died last week, we went to BastardBuy last night and picked up a Philips DVP5990. For about $70, thanks to a hack we found on The Googles, I now have a multiregion DVD player. Sweet, eh? We baptized it with the opening sequences of the holy DVD, but then settled down and watched Mystery Men, which I thought was very funny. Eddie Izzard killed me in his every scene, which made up for the lame Paul Reubens character.

Back to writing tonight. My shoulder has totally gimped out and is now back to “GAH!” status. Here’s hoping a renewal of my physical therapy exercises can help it pull through.

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