Prurience in Provence

I hit a wall today; couldn’t write another word. So I went on a walk, the one that The Frenchman and I took together last Sunday. I brought my scarf and gloves because the clouds were threatening to huddle together at any moment.

As I wound up the hillside, the birds chirped and the breezes gently fingered the leaves of great trees wrapped in thick vines of ivy. I passed big gated estates barring beautifully maintained gardens, gazebos, shiny cars and elegant statuary. At one point I sat on a cement light fixture shaped like a stool to just enjoy the nice weather and incredible light. I only got up because a guy at a nearby house decided it was time to start mowing his lawn. Poo! I continued walking to shrug off the noise. After a while, I hit a spot where there were so many forks, I wasn’t sure I’d remember how to get back, so I turned around.

On my way back down the hill, I could see down into a guy’s yard who was mowing his lawn…

Dude was buck naked! And old! Really old!

I blinked a couple times because I thought maybe I was seeing things, but then — woo! — did I ever see some things!

Man, I thought I was going to take in some nature but I had no idea.

I’m taking The Frenchman to dinner tonight. I told him to pick a nice restaurant and to make a reservation. Tomorrow we’re going on an excursion to St. Tropez. I think it’ll be just what the doctor ordered!

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