Not As a Good As a NIN-jection

Um…wasn’t too impressed with St. Tropez, home of the rich and tourist trap of the Côte d’Azure. Cassis was far more photogenic. The only thing I wanted to photograph but decided not to were the enormous yachts with servants and silk-lined sun beds parked in the marina. As some were undoubtedly mafia-owned, I figured I’d let the digital camera cool for a bit.

We went to a winsome little village afterward, climbed on the rocks and lounged on the beach. Pictures are to follow.

Meanwhile, I’ve been absolutely digging the new NIN album, Year Zero. You have to sacrifice an email addy to the spammer gods, but it’s all good.

The writing stopped just a hair under 38,000 words Friday morning, which isn’t bad for two weeks at all. It’ll resume Monday if not sooner.

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