When You Can’t Handle the Answer

My deepest and most heartfelt sympathies go out to Noah and his family for their loss. I feel so terrible about what’s happened that I can’t say.

Back on Thursday, I cast a horary chart asking, “Where is Noah’s dad, Robert Korda?”

July 10, 2009
Glendale, CA

I’ve used horary to find all kinds of missing objects — even Robie — but never to find a missing person, although that’s an ancient, well-studied use of it.

I won’t go into what the chart said, as it said nothing good. I mean, no one needed a damned astrology chart to tell them what they already feared. The Moon was “void of course,” which William Lilly et al say means the matter at hand will not turn out well. The planet representing Robert was Mercury, and it lie in the 8th house (the House of Death), just about to sextile Saturn (planet of separation and endings) in the 10th house (which represents the public and the father, among other things). The next aspect the Moon would make, once it left Aquarius, was to sextile Pluto, the planet of death and the underworld.

There are lots more details, but you get the drift.

I mostly saw the sorts of things you don’t want to tell a person who is grieving unless they ask. At first I thought I wasn’t supposed to read it because of the 0 degrees Sagittarius ascendant and the void of course Moon — both things that traditionally are supposed to give an astrologer pause before proceeding with the reading. But an older and wiser horary astrologer told me I was indeed supposed to take a look. (You can see this conversation on my Facebook profile for a status posted July 11, 11:04am. You’ll see what I told him.)

I woke up in the middle of the night last night and couldn’t sleep, thinking about that chart and what it said — in particular, something about it happening in “the neighborhood” (3rd house Moon, just parting from Neptune) and the how the Moon had just left Neptune — a planet that represents confusion, intoxication, spirituality, and hospitals, among other things — before it went void of course.

At around 4:30am, I left a couple of notes for people who looked like they were in the loop. Then, the next morning, I checked online and learned that Noah’s father had been found dead the night before. One news source says he was found in custody of the coroner’s office.

Although it was natural to ask a horary question about something of this nature, I couldn’t deal with the answer. What good is it knowing? LAPD homicide and the coroner will determine what happened — although, if it means anything, I saw no indication of foul play.

I’m just so very, very sorry, Noah. Here’s hoping that the authorities can bring things to closure so that you and your family can begin the healing process. Meanwhile, we’re all thinking of you during this terrible time…

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