Pondering Polanski

I wondered if I should write about this, as it mentions people from the horror community, but then I thought, “Eh. Fuck it. It’s relevant. And I’d be a weak-spined, boring, say-nothing so-and-so who only prattles on about her own work to not bring it up.”


I had really mixed feelings last night when I was at the gym and I saw Polanski being arrested on the big TV screens. I’ve loved and admired his work over the years, especially The Pianist, which is one of the most soulful films I’ve ever seen. While I do not believe in demonizing the man’s art along with the man, I do believe that eventually you have to face the music and deal with your haints.

Victor Salva did exactly that, spending time in prison for his crimes. While I was pleased with a recent review of Dark Delicacies III, the reviewer stated that he didn’t read Salva’s story “in protest.” Apparently, however, he was okay reading Eric Red’s story. (For those not familiar with what happened to Red, you can read an account online in the LA Weekly. WARNING: CONTAINS JOURNALISM. Meaning, it could be complete crap.) Of course, the reviewer might not have even known about Red’s history. But a wee bit similar to how Polanski settled with his victim, Red went through a lengthy civil suit but no criminal trial.

For the record, I think Red has written some amazing films and in person he’s a very sweet man. So, knowing what you now know, can you retroactively denounce The Hitcher or Near Dark and deny him any acclaim for these films?

I can’t. Nor would I ever.

(God, this is a dreary post.)

To me, it’s all grayish and gunked up and not at all clear where to precisely draw moral lines. So, those of you who like to spew vitriol at 100% Pure Evil go ahead. Have at. I’ll be over here stomping around in the moral miasma of A Problem Like Polanski and am totally okay with that.

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