Bouquet Catcher

Dreamed last night that Lord Arux and I were leaving a building where a young woman had just gotten married. The wedding party and celebrants — maybe ten at most — spilled outside. We were getting into the car to leave, which was parked near the building entrance. I climbed into the passenger seat, while Lord Arux took the driver’s seat. The petite bride in her cute white, multi-tiered dress stood on the steps of the building, smiling and laughing. I told Lord Arux, “Look! She’s about to throw the bouquet!” Just as we shut the car doors she turned her back to us and threw it. Her female friends leaped and reached for the purple and pink flowers…

…but they landed square on my car door handle.

I turned to Lord Arux to show him the weird thing that had happened but he had quickly fallen asleep at the wheel. I touched his face and he woke right up. He was a bit dubious about my car catching the bouquet, but I kept pointing to it until he saw what had happened.

I don’t think my car has ever even had a boyfriend or girlfriend. Next time any of you see Cthonia, ask her who she thinks the lucky auto will be!

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