Inception Infection

Utterly fucking brilliant! Made me want to run through the streets shouting and pouncing on the uninitiated. INCEPTION! INCEPTION! INCEPTION!

Not perfect, mind you. Some of it — especially the whole confessional relationship between Cobb and Ariadne — kind of left me biting my lip and shaking my head. Lord Arux found places where the film violates the very rules it establishes. He’s right. I was asking myself the same questions but let go of the questions in favor of the breathtaking pace and intellectual ambition. I also HATED when one character says, “We only use a small portion of our brains.” NOT TRUE. I wish people would stop saying that.

Flawed or not, it’s superb storytelling. And you have never seen an audience so wound up, especially in the last scene. People were leaning out of their seats, agape, fists clenched. You could see “GAAAHHHHH!!!!!” rolling across their eyes like a marquee at Times Square.

I found it easy enough to keep track of what was happening thanks to Nolan’s beautiful use of color to separate the dreams. And the acting was terrific. Marion Cotillard was especially terrifying, and Leo’s acting ages like fine wine.

God, I loved this movie.

I’ve had a startling dream life of my own. (Here’s a taste.) It made me dig up an actual dream I wrote out back in 1995 as if it were a short story. I called it “Finally Meeting Fear.” It contained dreams within dreams, with multiple wakings. Not for the faint of heart…

I think I prefer seeing it on screen rather than in my head.


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