I’ve been quiet lately, mostly microblogging and working like mad until I run home to work on SILENCE OF THE IAMBS. I’m now at the midpoint of Draft 2, trying to finish it by the time BoucherCon lifts its skirt and cries come hither.

(And if you’re not following the world’s first Snarkiologist on Twitter and Facebook, just what on earth are you doing with your life?)

In the meantime, I just completed the questionnaire for LosCon 37 programming, where I’m really looking forward to being a Guest this year. I’ll be meeting Emma Bull for the first time. I know — can you believe I’ve never met her? It’s only like every other person I meet on the street says, “Don’t you know Emma Bull?” And mind you I’m pretty tired of saying, “No, I’ve never met her. But I hear she’s neat.”

Now I’ll get a chance to find out for myself. And maybe do a reading, besides. It’s “Dark Loscon,” after all!

I might — and I said might — audition to sing with the Disney Candlelight Choir this Christmas. You all know how not down I am with the whole Jesus thing, not to mention Christmas in general. But…it’s kind of an amazing thing to get to do, nonetheless. And most of the rehearsals are in Glendale. So, we’ll see.

I would love to report that all of the hula hooping and gym and Weight Watchers and other nonsense I’ve been talking about on my Twitter account for the past few months now has been panning out. It hasn’t. I lose not more than a couple of pounds every few weeks that creep back in the night.

Lisa was talking not too long ago about how to balance family stuff with writing. That’s not my struggle as much as balancing health regimes with writing. I get up anywhere from 6:30am to 7:00am (depending on my insomnia), I eat a healthy breakfast at the table, I spend a little time with correspondence and taking care of the cats, and then I get ready for work. I go to work, come back home around 6:30pm, make a healthy dinner, take care of the cats again, perhaps make or return a phone call, and then that’s all that’s left for writing, exercising, errands and housekeeping that night. Usually housekeeping slides.


At least I get to write during the day for my job. And that’s pretty okay, I must say.

As you were.

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