Bigfoot Not Dead. I HAVE PROOF!

Last weekend, I went to Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore in San Diego to sign the anthology Mutation Nation with editor Kelly Dunn and other authors. It has my story about a poor, misshape and misunderstood monster named Nickelback Ned.

While there, Lord Arux bought me this totally hysterical book called Bigfoot: I Not Dead.

This memoir of the misunderstood forest creature on the run from celebrity, cannibalism, and celebrity cannibalism had me laughing until I cried at the comic genius that is Graham Roumieu.

Then today, I got this in the mail…

Yeti? In Santa Ana, huh? Um, okay. I know someone in that general area. Maybe it’s a “Hey, why the hell haven’t you called me lately?” letter. Not that she would ever write that kind of letter. I’m not even sure she’s a letter writer. Anyway, I sliced open the wee envelope and slipped out a wee card…

I said to the cats, “Oh, cool! I wonder who sent me a Bigfoot card?” And I opened it…


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