How to Stalk Me and Mr. Wicker at Loscon 41 this Weekend

I love this little convention we have in Los Angeles every year right after Thanksgiving. It’s called Loscon, and it’s where some of the biggest names in fantasy and science fiction come to hang out and pontificate on panels. The first time I met Larry Niven was when I danced with him at the Regency dance class. This is also where I met my beloved friend, the comic book legend Len Wein. I even befriended my literary idol, Tim Powers, on a panel. (And then there was the time 16-year-old Maria had a fangasm all over Wendy Pini in the ladies room. I suspect Wendy recovered.) This year, the Writer Guest of Honor is J. Michael Straczynski. Seriously! How freaking amazing is that? That’s normal here. Still not impressed? How about Jerry Pournelle, Todd McCaffrey, Steven Barnes, Barbara Hambly, not to mention all the TV and animation writers who attend?

My Loscon Schedule

And then there’s itty bitty me. Here’s my schedule for this year:


1:00:00 PM
“Military Fantasy, Different Themes than Military SF?”
J.L. Doty
Laurie Tom
Martin Young
Jerry Pournelle

2:30:00 PM
Saint Louis
“Vixens and Heroines”
Dr. J. Anthony del Marmol
Barbara Hambly
Julie Sczesny
Neo Edmund

10:00:00 PM
“Sexy or Sexualized”
Daryl Frazetti
Martin Young
Mallory Reaves


4:00 PM
Dealer’s Room
Signing (and selling!) Mr. Wicker
If you don’t have a copy, you can get one here. I’ll be taking credit cards, cash, etc. Or just tackle me in the hallways. I’ll sell you a copy on the spot. 


11:30:00 AM
Marquis 1
“Death (‘be not proud’)”
Larry Niven
Phil Osborn
Gregg Castro
Martin Young
Tim Powers

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