The Gashlycrumb Endless

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My husband, Bret Shefter, wrote this. He’s brilliant, which is only one of many reasons I married him. He’s also a Sandman fan, which didn’t hurt, either.

Without further ado…

The Gashlycrumb Endless

A is for Abel, a victimized prat

B is for Burgess, who murdered a cat

C’s for the Cuckoo that keeps you in thrall

D is for Dream, Death, Destruction, et al.

E is for Eye, the Corinthian’s snack

F is for Fair Folk, who never came back

G is for Gilbert, a chivalrous gent

H is for Hell, under new management

I is for Ishtar, who danced off her fanny

J’s for Johanna, John Constantine’s granny

K is for Ken, who is dumb as a post

L is for Lyta, who slept with a ghost

M is for Matthew, who strutted and cawed

N is for Nada, who turned down a god

O is for Orpheus, head without heart

P is for Puck, who declined to depart

Q is for Queen, both Titania and Maeve

R is for Rose, who would not quite behave

S is for Sykes, who absconded with prizes

T’s for The Three, in their various guises

U is for Unity, finally awake

V is for Vortex, and walls it could break

W’s Wanda—not Alvin! no doubt!

X is the letter that Gaiman left out

Y is for You, gentle reader, who learns

Zed is for Zzzzs, ‘til the Sandman returns

(c) 2023 Bret Shefter, all rights reserved

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