National Poetry Month: Divinity Dust

Many people have asked me about the inspiration for this poem. All I can say is that you’ll find out next year upon publication of my memoir, The Good Girl, from Running Wild Press.

Divinity Dust

Here I am
on Imbolc
craving 10 grams
of God
and a fingernail full
of synchronicity.
Where are all
the dirty moments
of knowing real divinity?
God wrapped in foil 
and handed off
like a cracker?
It’s the diminishing dosages
that really get me.
I make my connection
each night
in dreamscape
only to find
God’s a jackal,
a roly-poly pervert
who leads you down
dark alleyways
so he can get you high
behind the dumpster
and fuck you in the ass…
I know, it’s crass
but I’m addicted
to miracles
and I need a fix fast.
So tie me up
and heat another teaspoon
of that divinity dust,
my angel,
pat my vein, and
with a prayerful prick
help me forget.

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