National Poetry Month: Zeu Pater: Invocation

This is one of my favorites, and not just because I’m Greek. I can’t recall where it was first published, but it eventually made its way into one of my collections.

Zeu Pater: Invocation

In my Homeric hymn
I called to your feats of power,
For I could compose no pleasing song
As you caused my arms and lids
To hang heavy with worship.
Yet still you appeared to me:
Halcyon in scintillating sheets
Draped in the skins of beasts
Silent in the deep shade of night.
As your white-armed wife slept
I drank you amongst the deathless ones
And you sewed me in your belly
To keep me from all others.
I abhorred the darkness
Yet against you I wore no aegis.
I mourned
When the dreams of the world
Forgot the mad brilliance
Of your cerulean eyes
And the clouds no longer carried
Your spears.
But I still have the stories of you
This mythology
And I will sing the hymns
Until the constellations lose the shapes
You carelessly cast
In my black empyrean.

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