Jet Dragged

Well, I feel like I’ve been dragged by a jet.


Car is in the shop getting a new battery and other things so it can be smog checked and fully registered. Hopefully I’ll have cell phone service by tonight. Changed hair appointment to Saturday.

I am constantly hungry. And tired. And just as luck would have it The Curse — oh, I mean, the Great Blessing of the Bountiful Moon Goddess that gives me fertility and the magical ability to thoroughly gross out men — hit me today.

Now, if only my friends could find the WPE key for their Wifi, I’d be even happier…


Yesterday morning I covered a lot of details for my return regarding my car and credit cards. I also went to Monoprix with a measuring tape. Tomorrow we’ll go to Carrefour, where The Frenchman says there are cheaper suitcases. I’ve decided the answer to my problems is to simply get as big of a handbag as allowable and put The Fabulous Coat, the laptop and Trog inside. Heck, maybe even a book or two! Woo!

I spent two hours at L’Elfike yesterday afternoon chatting with Ange. She had no idea there were so many haunted houses in the U.S. I thought I’d faint trying to do it, but I managed to tell her all about The Winchester House and Lizzie Borden…in French. (“Tu sais? Elle utilisais un grand couteau pour couper le bois et elle a tué son père et sa nouvelle mère.” “C’est une vrai histoire?” “OUI!”)

::wobbles dizzily::

More strategizing today. Tonight, dinner with The Fabulous B. I might go back to L’Elfike tomorrow evening while The Frenchman watches soccer, but I might just write, too.

Au demain!