Signing at the Los Angeles Festival of Books

I’ll be signing copies of my Bram Stoker Award-nominated collection, At Louche Ends: Poetry for the Decadent, the Damned and the Absinthe-Minded. Here are the details:

Sunday, April 13th, 2014
11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
HWA LA, Booth #858
(A bit east of the halfway mark on Child’s Way in the Hero Complex)

Copies are only $5.00! Come by, say “hi,” and grab one before they’re gone.

Mr. Wicker to be Published in 2014 by Raw Dog Screaming Press

Read all about my debut novel on the publisher’s website!

Reading at Noir at the Bar on September 29, 2013

Join me as I read a brand-new short story crammed full of guns, grit and Saturday morning cartoons at:

Noir at the Bar
8:00-11:00 p.m.
The Mandrake
2692 S. La Cienega
Los Angeles, CA

See you there!


Speaking July 20, 2013 at the Southern California Writers Association

I’ll be speaking on the topic of “Bun Bu Ryo Do: The Way of the Pen and the Sword.” If you’re a member, don’t miss it!

“Saturnalia” Appears in the latest Blood Bound Books Anthology

Check out my story “Saturnalia” in the anthology Blood Rites: An Invitation to Horror just released by Blood Bound Books. The anthology is already getting great reviews.

“The Greatest Story Ever Interacted With”

What does modern Christianity have in common with fandom? Check out my paper in the WyrdCon Companion Book to find out!

“Conspiracy of One” Podcasted at Tales to Terrify

My lights-out science fiction story, “Conspiracy of One,” has been podcasted by the brilliant Larry Santoro at Tales to Terrify.The story was first published in the first issue of Horror Carousel back in 2004. I’m delighted to have the story make a comeback this way under the professional hand (and voice!) of Larry Santoro, whose his adaptation and audio production of Gene Wolfe’s “The Tree Is My Hat,” was nominated for the Bram Stoker Award in 2002.

Mrs. Winchester Named a Finalist in the Shriekfest Film Festival Screenwriting Competition

Judges for the 12th Annual Shriekfest International Horror and Sci-Fi Film and Screenplay Competition have named my gothic tale, Mrs. Winchester, a Finalist! Set in 1905, the script tells the story of Sarah Winchester, heiress to the Winchester rifle fortune, and how her supernatural obsessions are challenged by the ill-fated love of a new foreman.

The screenplay follows on the reprint of my poem “Mrs. Winchester” in At Louche Ends: Poetry from the Decadent, the Damned & the Absinthe-Minded, my latest poetry collection. The poem was originally published on in 2000 and was one of the most highly rated poems on that site for the year.

Buy At Louche Ends Now!

Pick up a copy of At Louche Ends, my latest poetry collection, featuring foreword by siren Jill Tracy and cover art by Katelan Foisy.

Advanced praise for At Louche Ends:

“Acute and often painful, Maria Alexander’s poetry speaks volumes to the heart of mankind and its eternal fears. At Louche Ends promises to be a timeless and rare collection.”

Corrine De Winter

Stoker Award winning author of “The Women At The Funeral.”

“Beasts and blood, the damned and desire. The taste of absinthe, the touch of a knife, the sound of an invocation. Maria Alexander’s new collection of poetry, At Louche Ends: Poetry for the Decadent, the Damned and the Absinthe-Minded is Maria Alexander at her best. From a vivid recounting of the Persephone myth in ‘The Rage of her Return’ to the heartache of a sister forever changed by a traffic accident in ‘Changeling,’ the poems in this collection engage the reader’s senses and emotions at all levels. Dark as night, sexy as hell, this collection of poetry is not one you will easily forget.”

Deborah P Kolodji

President, Science Fiction Poetry Association

Cover Art for At Louche Ends Unveiled!

Check out the press release from Burning Effigy Press. The foreword has been written by none other than the siren of noir, the amazing Jill Tracy!

“Director’s Cut” of “Bacchus Anesti” on Chizine

The juicy, unedited version of “Bacchus Anesti” has been published on Chiaroscuro Magazine. Get it while it’s hot!

Katelan Foisy, Cover Artist

I’m incredibly pleased to announce that New York City artist Katelan Foisy will be creating the cover art for At Louche Ends: Poetry for the Decadent, the Damned, and the Absinthe-Minded appearing this Summer 2011 from Burning Effigy Press. Also known as La Gitana, Katelan has been an illustrator for The Grammy Awards, Hallmark Cards and Out Magazine, among others. Her intensely mythic, fiery yet dreamlike style is a perfect fit for this collection. Thank you, Katelan!


I’ll be speaking at the Orange County Science Fiction Club on February 23rd at 7:30pm. Founded 25 years ago, the OCSFC has played a core role in science fiction and fantasy fandom ever since its inception. If you’re in the area, drop on by!

Unholywood Unleashed on Kindle

Just released on Kindle, Unholywood is the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite Lovecraft fan. Edited, extended and reformatted, this 9000-word novelette originally appeared under the title “Samantha Blazes: Psychic Detective of L.A.” in the anthology Hastur Pussycat, Kill! Kill! edited by Michael Huyck for Vox13 in 2003. “Unholywood” cover artwork by Pete Von Sholly. Ho! Iä! Ho!

At Louche Ends to Emerge Spring 2011

In Spring 2011, my poetry collection entitled At Louche Ends: Poetry for the Decadent, the Damned & the Absinthe-Minded will be published by the esteemed folk at Burning Effigy Press, whose roster includes several award-winning writers. This is my first solo collection, featuring “The Rage of Her Return,” which won the 2004 AOL/TimeWarner poetry competition, as well as a number of new pieces, many light verse. Whether you want to get your goth on or just settle down with some snark, it’s a great way to get acquainted with poetry if you’ve never had a taste before.

Listen and Call In to The Dork Forest Podcast

Listen to me and filmmaker/cocktail blogger Aaron Vanek on The Dork Forest podcast today at 2:00pm. We’ll talk about horror, Jesus, and other
dorky stuff. And I’ll make a special publishing announcement. If you miss it, the podcast will be archived for your future listening enjoyment.

My Love/Shove (Mostly Shove) in BITCH #47

Wanna know more about such wondrous vampire sex toys as the Succu Dry and The Vamp? (“It Sparkles!”) Check out my contribution to
the Love/Shove section in Issue #47 of Bitch Magazine. On Page 9, it’s “Twilight Merch Update: XXX Edition.” Thanks to the editors for giving me a chance to show off my snark-fu.

“Though Thy Lips Are Pale”
Receives Honorable Mention

Ellen Datlow has given my short story “Though Thy Lips Are Pale” an Honorable Mention for The 2009 Year’s Best Horror.

If you would like to read the story, it’s available online. Please leave a comment if you can. Thanks!

“39 Regrets” to Appear in Hitchcock Anthology

My light verse poem “39 Regrets” will be appearing in A Sea of Alone: Poems for Alfred Hitchcock from Dark Scribe Press, edited by Christopher Conlon.

Interview on Talking Sex Radio

I’ll be appearing live via webcast on Talking Sex Radio at 8:00pm on February 8th. Watch me and author Christa Faust as we talk about writing, sex and my crazy bra size.

Make/Shift Magazine Party Reading This Sunday!

What do Jedi Masters, matzos and masturbation have in common? Hit the make/shift magazine party this Sunday

and find out as I read my essay “Dogma, Darth Vader and My Sexual Awakening” from Issue 5!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Time: 7:00pm – 9:30pm

Location: Jess’s house (e-mail for address)

City/Town: Los Angeles, CA

Unspeakable Horror Wins the Bram Stoker Award for Best Anthology

The Dark Scribe Press anthology, Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet won the Bram Stoker Award

for Best Anthology of 2008! It contains my story, “In Her Mirrors, Dimly.” Check it out!

Stoker Awards Weekend Schedule

I’ll be making three scheduled appearances at the Stoker Awards Weekend:

June 11th, Thursday


Dark Delicacies Gang Bang Signing

June 12th, Friday


GLBT in Horror (Panel)

June 13th, Saturday



to one — come to all! I’ll be reading my latest work, “Nickleback
Ned,” which screenwriter Sean Dickson said was

“like reading a
thrilling Stephen King story, back when he was fresh and dangerous.”

I’ll also be at the awards banquet. Looking forward to see the usual suspects and more!

“The Last Word” Makes First Bram Stoker Award First Cut

My story “The Last Word” has made the 2008 Bram Stoker Award Preliminary Ballot in the category of Best Short Fiction.

The Bram Stoker Award
is given out by the Horror Writers Association. The Final Ballot — and thus official award nominations

— will be named in mid March.


“Dogma, Darth Vader, and My Sexual Awakening”

My essay “Dogma, Darth Vader, and My Sexual Awakening”
will be appearing in the feminist and social justice magazine, make/shift this Spring 2009.

I’m psyched to be branching out this way, reaching new readers and talking about sexuality, especially in a magazine given awards by The Utne Reader

two years in a row!


Talking Sex Radio on
December 15th

I’ll be appearing live via webcast on Talking Sex Radio at 8:00pm on
December 15th. Watch me and my pal, Devi Snively, as we talk about writing,

kink and all kinds of steamy business. At the website, go to the “TV or
Radio” menu and select “Live TV Show” at the appropriate hour.


Unspeakable Horror
Release on December 1st

On December 1st, Unspeakable
Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet
was released from Dark Scribe
Press. It includes a tale by

yours truly, of course, but it also contains tales by Lee Thomas, Sarah Langan,
Rick R. Reed, Lisa Morton and many other wonderful writers!


Story to Appear in Dark
Delicacies 3

I’m pleased to report that my story, “Though Thy
Lips Are Pale,” is to appear in the third installment of the successful

anthology series, Dark Delicacies, which is being published by
Perseus/Running Press. Major talents to headline the TOC include

Clive Barker, Chuck Palahniuk, David Morrell and Heather Graham. I’m tickled


Me on Venice Beach with
the BBC

On the morning of September 10th, I sat at a table
with the head producer Ros Atkins; Mark Sawyer (political science professor at

editor Ted Johnson from Variety (who had been arrested during the protests
outside the RNC), and KPFK radio show host

Maria Joyouspirit for two hours of international radio talk about American
politics, style and spin.


Check out the
50-minute podcast


Dark Scribe Press Buys
“In Her Mirrors, Dimly”

Editor Vince Liaguno has purchased my story, “In
Her Mirrors, Dimly” for his new queer horror anthology,

Unspeakable Horror: From the Shadows of the Closet. I’m very happy to be
part of a
fantastic lineup

of amazing writers, including Sarah Langan, Lisa Morton and Lee Thomas.


Watch the
book trailer


An Interview with New
Voices in Horror

Every wonder what the true story is behind my story
“When Gods Die”? Find out that and more in this rockin’
with DOC at NVH.


Thomas Roche Reviews Sins
of the Sirens

Here’s a cool
review from Thomas Roche
on ErosZine for Sins of the Sirens. Thanks,


Review & Interview
with David Niall Wilson

Check out this thorough
and thoughtful review
of Sins of the Sirens and then David’s interview with
the most blasphemous Siren of all

Stay tuned for more interviews on their way.


Sinning in San Francisco

Sorry if you missed the signing in Los Angeles. We
signed and sold everything! However, there’s going to be

a fantastic reading and signing up in San Francisco:


February 23rd, 2008, Saturday


Maria Alexander & Loren Rhoads

Signing and Reading from

Sins of the Sirens

Borderlands Books

866 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

(888) 893-4008


See you there!


Free Shipping for Your

If you pre-order your copy of Sins of the Sirens
from Dark Arts Books
before December 31st, you’ll get free shipping!

Or if you’d rather pre-order
from Amazon
, it’s available there, too!


The Sirens of

Dark Arts Books has announced that this summer
it will be releasing Sins of the Sirens.

This is a collection of “new stories and rarities” by the following


Maria Alexander (Hey, that’s me!)

Christa Faust

Loren Rhoads

Mehitobel Wilson


I’m delighted to be in such good company, of course!
The collection will include

two new tales — “The Last Word” and “Pinned” — as well as
a reprint, “The Dark River of His Flesh,” from Paradox Magazine.


More French Kink on

Part II of my exclusive two-part report for on the BDSM scene here in France appeared February 20th:

Part II:
Rendez-Vous and Retail in French BDSM

WARNING: This website deals with sexuality and all
kinds of naughty, perverted stuff.


French Kink: A Report on

Exclusively for, I’ve written a two-part
report on the BDSM scene here in France:

Part I:
Liberte, Egalite, Sexualite* — French Philosophy and BDSM Culture

WARNING: This website deals with sexuality. And you will
have your libertine stereotypes of France crushed.

Part II appears in February 2007. Stay tuned!


to my French readers. My website is corrupting foreign characters, so I’ve
removed them.

Back on the BBC with

On January 5, 2007, I returned to the BBC World Radio
show “Have Your Say” to discuss The Blasphemy Challenge.

Have a soul you’re not using? Why not trade it for a copy of Brian Flemming’s
documentary The Who Wasn’t There?

Click here
to hear the show!


I open with the host and close it with a commentary.
There were lots of great points made by interesting speakers from all over the
world. Check it out!


Interview on the BBC.

On December 21, I had the opportunity to be part of
the “Have Your Say” radio show on BBC World Radio about French

Paris, and the phenomenon of Japanese tourists having to be repatriated for
nervous breakdowns during Parisian vacations.

Click here to
listen to the show! I’m the first person interviewed.


Signed with Paula Balzer
at The Paula Balzer Agency.

Paula Balzer, who was long with Sarah Lazin Books and
has sold numerous nonfiction and fiction books, is now representing all of my
literary work.

Please contact her if you have any questions about my current manuscripts or
film rights to stories. Her information is:


Paula Balzer

The Paula Balzer Agency

55 Eastern Parkway #5H

Brooklyn, NY 11238

(347) 787-4131

paula at pbliterary dot com


I’ll be participating atWHC this year! It’s May 11th-14th. My
schedule is as follows:


Thursday evening, May 11th @ 8:00pm

Signing at Borderlands Books

Friday afternoon, May 12 @ 1:00pm

A Tradition of Horrible Ladies, a Persephone Panel

Each Persephonite will be speaking on a different historically important

female horror writer. I’ll be speaking about the ghost stories of Edith

Friday evening, May 12th @ 8:00pm

Mass Autograph Signing

Saturday afternoon, May 13th @ 1:00pm

A reading

I’ll probably trot out my newly penned tale, “The Last Word” — you

don’t want to miss this!

Hope to see you there!


This Thursday, I’ll be
speaking to a class at Otis College on
Vampire Literature taught by Dr. Steve Wehmeyer, the ex-bodhran player of the
world-famous Gaelic Storm band.

The talk will mainly cover vampire literature, my own
works, and how they all tie into various subcultures, especially bondage, blood
sports, and Gothic community.


Two of my stories
published last year have qualified for the 2005 Bram Stoker Award:

“This Body of
Death,” which appeared in Lost
on the Darkside
, edited by John Pelan for

ROC Books, made the Short Fiction category.

“Veil of Skin,”
which appeared in Blood
, edited by Cecilia Tan for Blue Moon Books,

an imprint of Avalon Publishing, made the Long Fiction category.


Voting on the preliminary ballot takes place until
March 28, 2006. Wish me luck!


I’ve qualified for the 2006 John W. Campbell award!

This is an award for New Writers in Science Fiction
and Fantasy. Check out my official biography.
If you’re attending WorldCon 2006 and are registered, you can nominate me by
March 10th.


The newly resurrected has just reprinted four of my
stories, including

the evil Christmas story “Coming
, and others:

Gods Die”

Roses and Hail Mary’s”

and my most acclaimed story, “The
King of Shadows”

Much congratulations and thanks to Amelia G and
Forrest Black for bringing something back

from the dead and making it so beautiful.


Check out my signing of
“This Body of Death” in Lost on the Darkside with

award-winning writer Michael

January 14th, 2006, Saturday at 2:00pm

Dark Delicacies

4213 W. Burbank Blvd.

Burbank, CA 91505


A host of other writers will be joining us. See the Dark Delicacies website for
more details.


I’ll be a Guest at Loscon 32,
participating in panels and signing autographs.

Currently, I’m scheduled to appear as follows:

Saturday, November 26th

Autograph Session 11:30am

Building a “Bible” for a Novel Series 1:00pm

(with Steven Barnes, Kevin Andrew Murphy, Deborah J. Ross, and Chris Weber)

Sunday, November 27th

Good Vampire, Bad Vampire 11:30am

(with Mick Farren, Julie Sczesny, Jill Sherwin, and Nancy Ellis Taylor)


hear a poetry reading fundraiser for Katrina victims!

December 12th, 2005 around 8pm

Catalina Branch of the Pasadena Public Library

999 E. Washington Blvd.

Pasadena, CA

(626) 744-7272

I’ll be reading my work from In the Arms of
, a charity anthology of poetry for the victims of all natural
disasters, recently released from Foothills Publishing.


be reading my erotic horror fiction at the World Fantasy Convention in
Madison, WI:

November 5th, 2005


Conference V

“This Body of Death,” in Lost on the Darkside from ROC Books.


novelette “This Body of Death” appears in Lost on the Darkside, which was just released from ROC

You can buy a copy on Amazon or pick it up at any of
the major bookstores.

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