The Dark Side of Dis

So, about a month ago, I pitched to our Creative Big Cheese an idea for, a website that aggregates all merchandising and park events related to the Disney Villains, with an online community. They were supposed to have pitch sessions this month so that employees could pitch creative ideas, but after emailing with the Creative Big Cheese and another manager, it doesn’t seem like those are going to happen before I leave.

Strangely enough, I heard at lunch from a co-worker that the Creative Big Cheese was telling everyone about in a meeting this morning, but without crediting me. For the record, I want you to know:


I just emailed a PowerPoint presentation on to the new Big Cheese of Disney Interactive Group (DIG). He’s a cool guy who used to be our Division VP, but he was promoted a few weeks ago. Anyway, in my spare time, I put the presentation together as something fun to do as I suffered on a horrific, soul-sucking project. It seemed like a cool idea, and maybe — just maybe — I could do some freelancing on it. Hopefully the Big Cheese of DIG, who is a good guy, will think it’s cool, too. Of course, I have no hope of getting credit for it. My ideas about the Dis belong to Uncle Walt.

But don’t forget:


A website in and of itself devoted to Disney villains isn’t exactly original — there are lots out there. In fact, a guy in Alabama bought the domain back in 2004 and hasn’t done anything with it (probably because he’d get sued). However, the idea of a site that aggregates Disney merchandising and Park events, with an online community is definitely new to Disney. (It even ties in to a bigger, totally hush-hush marketing campaign in the works now.) They are the last to capitalize on some of the very characters that have made them who they are because the company philosophy at one time didn’t tolerate any emphasis on the villains. But times are a-changin’ and edgier ideas are definitely on the plate, especially as Disney tries to reach out to tweens and teens, who could give fuck all about Pooh, mermaids and dancing candlesticks.

Anyway, if it happens, I’m the one who thought of it. ME.

Thank you.

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