Code Freeze, er, I mean, Calendar Freeze

As they say in software development, it’s time for “code freeze,” except in my case it’s not really code freeze as much as calendar freeze. I’ve got far too much to do to get ready to add anything else to my social schedule. On June 18th, I’ll be at Malediction, for those who care to join me.

I was hoping to do so much more, but it’s looking grim. After June 18th, I’m packing all week long and moving June 24th.

Everything is now arranged for my car, my lodging when I return to Los Angeles in August, and my mail.

I played with Dancy the Rabbit a bit this weekend. I suspect that the Land People won’t give her as much love as the Frenchman does while we’re away, although I know they’ll try their best to take care of her. Poor Bunn!

The kitties are slowly getting more used to my parents. My mother is concerned because Ophelia mostly sits in the closet. I told her it’s because she’s afraid of Republicans. So, they’d better get their act together and stop watching FOX news, or else there will surely be some spraying near the tee-vee.

On Friday night, we went to the Consul’s house in Beverly Hills to say goodbye to the Vice Consul, Olivier Plançon, as he returns to France for a new position. He’s an adorable man with a sparkling sense of humor that puts everyone at ease. Because the Frenchman knows him, he personally took my application for the long-stay visa. I don’t have the visa in my hot little hands yet, so I’m a tad nervous about him leaving now. I’ll just have to trust that the system is working for me.

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