Bagging on My Baguette

Today, I don’t want to be in France. I want to be home, in Los Angeles, having sushi with a coworker, driving to the bank to deposit my birthday check that my aunt just sent me, holing up in my apartment as I drink coffee, write and torture my cats with nose snorgles and ear scritchees.

There is too fucking much to do.

Yesterday, I had a phone meeting with an editor interested in G3. She’s made a couple of suggestions for the book that I need to seriously think about because they definitely tip the book in another direction. I don’t mind the tipping, particularly in the suggested direction, but it might not work for the entire book. But if we do it and I finish by March or April 2007, it’ll get a release probably just before next Samhain with some fanfare and a publicist to help me coordinate radio interviews and so forth. If I tip it in the suggested direction, it could sell extremely well but not be exactly what I wanted to write.

Something to think about. My agent is being great, as usual.

Meanwhile, I have to go back into town this afternoon to have my photo retaken for my visa paperwork. I didn’t sleep well last night because I discovered that somewhere there was a miscommunication and I didn’t bring my birth certificate, which I apparently need to have my extended visa approved. My dad is looking for my birth certificate and hopefully has faxed it to The Frenchman’s office. If not, I need to call back the County Clerk’s office where I was born and talk to a supervisor about how I can get my birth certificate without notarization.

Piss and fuck.

I saw a regular doctor yesterday for all my ailments and to get a special certificate so that I could join the aquagym. She gave me an antibiotic for one of my ailments that’s a one-shot dose (?) and gave me all kinds of advice for the other ailment. Do one-shot doses of antibiotics exist? I totally forgot to ask her when I could resume all my normal activities (including drinking coffee and alcohol). ARGH. She’s only there on Tuesdays.

Now, to work. The editor would like to see a revised table of contents based on some reorganization we discussed. Should be an interesting morning, me on next to no caffeine for Day #3…

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