We’ll Always Have Eris

Things continue to buzz with the book. Nothing I can talk about yet, but I do have my fingers crossed for something to congeal by next week.

I feel very different today than I did yesterday. I feel well. Alive. I might soon take a walk in the wind and drizzle because I feel so luminous, like I could light up the dry field. My ailments have cleared, my ankle is doing even better, and things are looking up.

This week, we’ve had some drama over my birth certificate. The Los Angeles French Consulate failed to tell me that I’d need it here to get my 10-month visa, and suddenly I needed it NOW. It’s going to be a tad late, but it’ll get here. Maybe I can walk it in to my Schengen interview later this month. I have a 3-month visa, but to get the 10-month visa I have to register here with officials by a certain date. Without the 10-month visa, it will be difficult for me to travel outside of the country and get back in.

Speaking of drama, 2003 UB313 — formerly “Xena” — is now officially 136199 Eris. Astrologers no doubt have leapt upon the significance of this, and the name certainly does fit the chaos that ensued the dwarf planet’s discovery. Me, I plugged it into the software at Astrodienst and discovered that Eris is at 11Aries53 in my chart, exactly conjunct my Moon/Saturn conjunction at 11Aries in the House of Work and Health. Saturn represents structure, authority and responsibility, while the Moon represents emotions, intuition and empathy. The chaos of Eris seems to be made far more somber in my work world, and vica versa — something so true, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

But the bigger picture is that, because Eris moves incredibly slowly, my Moon/Saturn conjunction affects Eris in huge numbers of people. Most people I meet, in fact, would feel that my approach to work and health brings some sobriety and responsibility their chaos. Weird when you think about it.

My father has Mars at 12Aries. This means he provokes the hell out of the chaos in people who are 25 or more years younger than he is. This I’ve watched over and over.

And now I must write.

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