It’s Got a Leg or Two

I wrote 1500 words this morning.


The story is congealing into something statuesque and scary with the new data. It swung its legs over the edge of the bed this morning and stood for a few minutes before sitting down again and moaning new orders. Just a few more jolts, and…

I’m writing as much as possible today because tomorrow we go to a magistrate in Marseille to get my long-term visa. I’m feeling a bit uneasy as tomorrow is the beginning of a very, very sucky astrological transit. It’s only a week-and-a-half long, but it sucks big chapped, hairy nuts nonetheless.

I didn’t get to weigh in at Weight Watchers last night because I’m not a member, but I might have lost more than The Frenchman this last week (which isn’t a fair comparison, as he had to contend with dieting in NYC for four days). Afterwards, we went to aquagym. GAH. I did aqua aerobics for an hour. The people were super nice for the most part. A couple of them realized I was American and started speaking English to me, even if it wasn’t perfect. I was so pleased. I felt welcome and had a lot of fun, especially pinching The Frenchman underwater — woo!

Now back to it.

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