Me and the BBC, Take 2!

So, you missed me on the BBC. That’s okay. I forgive ya. You can still hear me if you do as follows:

1. Go to the BBC World Service.

2. Click “Start Radio Player” in the middle column towards the bottom. The radio player will pop open in a new window.

3. In the radio player, scroll down to the “Have Your Say” show and click it.

4. You’re almost there! Now, when the “Have Your Say” show opens, click the “World: Have Your Say” link on the bottom left.

5. The show will start, first with some long piece on Somali. Fast forward 30 minutes by clicking the “>>15 min” twice.

6. The Somalia bit will soon end, and the part on Paris will begin in just a couple of minutes.

I emailed the producer asking if they have podcasts. I’ll post a link if she has one! In the meantime, my pal The Gray Masquerade caught my part of the interview and captured it on MP3. Hey…maybe I should upload it on Splice?

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