A Wee Bit o’ Amazon Drama

So it seems because of this new feature that Amazon has installed on the Plog (which I’m certain was in response to complaints from myself and others about the “like” and “dislike” radio buttons), people can now anonymously snipe author Plogs. Further, authors do not have the option to turn off said anonymous sniping feature. One must tolerate the shitty, rude treatment of others who have the option of not reading. (Although, I’ve notified people that I’m not reading anything left in “additional feedback” any longer, either.)

After shredding this guy into a thousand bloody, pulpy bits on my Plog, I’ve had it. By the end of that post, I was all but shouting like Bruce Campbell with my filthy torn shirt sleeves flapping in the wind, “Who wants some? Huh?

Not the best use of my time, but I cannot tolerate anonymous snipes. It seems that I have one of two choices: ignore or ignite. And I can’t ignore when someone says something ignorant and inflammatory. I will put them in their place, even if I have to hack off their arms and legs so that they fit. (Incidentally, I’m no longer reading the additional feedback. I don’t have time to waste anymore.)

I’ve notified the Amazon Connect team twice now of this problem and they’ve not rolled back the feature. They are well-acquainted with me, my qualifications for judging their online community design, and what the problems are — with both the “like” and “dislike” radio buttons, and this latest virtual design disaster. Hell, I’ve even seen Poppy Z. Brite struggle with it. She says she’s secretly mocking all the “dislike” voters, but you know it’s a pain in the ass to look at every time you simply want to post a message. Otherwise, people wouldn’t do it. They’re taking advantage of a rotten feature while they can.

In better news, just turned in Part 1 of the BDSM in France article to ErosZine. Working on Part II now.

I’m almost done reading what I need in the Crime Classification Manual. I’m going to read the arson section today, then maybe re-read some sections on the various homicide classifications. The situation in The Bodyjacker is a hostage homicide, and that section is truncated in the manual for some reason. They don’t go into it like they do the other categories. Damn! I just ordered another book — a major forensics manual on homicide investigations that was highly recommended by crime professionals. You really have to read these things with several coats of shellac on your sensitive parts. I realize there are all kinds of terrific philosophical arguments against capital punishment, but every time I read about one of these fuckers making a victim drink Draino and then raping the victim before shooting him or her in the head, I just want to walk down to death row and finish the job myself.

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