Fire Engine, Fingers Flying

Yo! Brigit! I used that dopey “Color Pulse” stuff on it and now I have this amazing bunch of bright red hair mixed in with the black bangs, and a sweep of fire engine red down the side. My roots are a fabulous shade of red, too. I suspect a picture can now be taken that you can actually see. (Sorry, . I tried to get the lavender!) Anyway, what a fantastic way to celebrate the light of Imbolc, eh?

Last night, I went to my first choir practice. Except it wasn’t like real choir. It was like choir in 4th grade, where we got lyrics only and sang along with popular songs. The Frenchman loves it. I was dubious. I’m a Real Musician, man. I sight read music and stuff! What’s this karaoke crapola? It was a lot of fun, though. It’s going to help my French tremendously and I get to sing. I was highly amused to hear that the three old ladies in front of me were very happy to have me behind them, helping them with tunes I myself was just catching on the fly. The Frenchman has one of the songs on CD. He popped it in the player this morning in the kitchen, and danced with me to it. I think I fall in love with this guy every day, I swear.

Meanwhile, my fingers are flying today. I’ve been writing and passing off synopses to my agent of all the stuff I’ve either already written or am currently working on. She’s not about to give up on my secret project. She just sold a book yesterday that had been rejected by 27 publishers. She’s tenacious, I tell you. And she’s sold a ton of books, so I guess she’s got a trick or two up her sleeve. But I’m already tired. I wrote the two-page synopsis of SECRETS FOR MELUSINA (the fantasy book set here in Aix), and it just about wiped me out. I’m still only 4000 words into the chapter outline for THRILLED. Hopefully over the weekend it will all come together.

Blessed Imbolc to those who cherish it in whatever way you do!

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