Il me rend rire!

That means, “It makes me laugh!”

I’m now about 2/3 through the THRILLED outline, and I keep cracking myself up. Good sign. When it comes to structure, I always go back to my screenwriting. If there’s one thing screenwriting is about, it’s structure. It was the one thing that taught me how to build a frame for any tale and use that frame to flesh out the conflict and resolution. This thing it turns out is not just a parody of thrillers but of the “Hero’s Journey” in general. I re-read SCREAM to make sure I’m on the right track — but only because I think it’s become a yard stick for people. For a parody, I didn’t think SCREAM was particularly funny when I saw it.

I’m averaging 1600 words a day on the outline. I have to leave early today to meet The Frenchman in town. I’m hoping I can get enough done. Otherwise, crankiness will ensue.

The Frenchman is going to be gone on business in the States on the 2nd. The French have for a long time celebrated that day as a solar festival for Candlemas where everyone eats special sweet crepes. (The golden crepe in the pan is considered a solar symbol.) A sacred holiday for me just got a lot sweeter, but it won’t be quite right without my dear frog. Still, tomorrow is Brighid’s Day (Lá Fhéile Bhríd), and tonight is considered St. Brigid’s Eve, when she’s reported to walk the earth. I will put a piece of ribbon out for her to bless as a charm against sickness. Lord knows I need all the help I can get…

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