Paradigm and Other Shifts

Still working on the BODYJACKER re-write.

It’s been a fucking doozy of a Mercury Rx period, I tell you. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, some people are affected a great deal more than others, depending on how much Virgo and Gemini influence one has in their natal chart. Me, I have some, but The Frenchman has great gobs of such. He’s been steadily tormented since the station retrograde just before Valentine’s Day. He feels it like a woman feels her period coming. “Is it now?” he asks. I nod. “Yup, it’s now.” I don’t ever bring it up. It’s like saying, “Hey, it’s raining outside,” when there’s a tempest rattling the windows. I just remind him to relax and recall all the good things this period is for, rather than focusing on the negative.

Turns out he’s friends with one of the editors of a new magazine called make/shift. It’s a feminist magazine, chocked full of all that kind of thing. So, I sent them a story this morning set in Hollywood after a positive response to my fiction query. I figure it’s worth a shot. The story I sent them is definitely feminist, if we’re going to use the word. I’ve been aching to branch out into other kinds of publications, what with so many genre magazines being suffocated by economic pressures. And I do think, with the success of “The King of Shadows” in the Moondance competition almost four years ago, that there’s a mainstream audience for some of what I write. I guess we’ll see what they think.

Short day today, so back to work pronto.

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