Le Snake, Le Lycanthrope

Last night, a bunch of us ladies went to L’Elfike to whoop it up. I drank a ridiculous amount of alcohol and survived to tell the tale. The drinks on their menu are crazy. After I had a pint of cider, I then had something called Le Snake, which I think has Creme de Cassis, beer and cider in it. I then drank something insanely yummy called Le Lycanthrope, and I’ll be damned if I remember what was in that. Then Special K’s boyfriend came by and he started buying rounds. As yummy as his drinks were, I couldn’t begin to finish them. Four cocktails in the three hours nearly put me under the table. (I think Drink #4 was called Le Tsunami, aptly enough.) Some of their cocktails have champagne and even mead. I wish I’d taken a photo of the menu, but I feared getting busted.

After one of the women announced she had a thing for Asian men, The Fabulous B took a surprisingly big mirror out of her purse and helped her use it to “discreetly” check out the Asian guy with long hair working the restaurants across the narrow street. She then announced that The Frenchman and I should have a baby girl so that she could be the godmother. Can you imagine?

Special K got a good kind of shock. When she went to the bar to ask if they sold cigarettes, the bartender offered her one of his own. She said that’s never happened in her life. I said, “See? I told you people here are sweet.” Because you can drink at 16 years old in France, young people come into the bar all the time. However, what’s adorable is that they are often drinking a Coke and reading science fiction and fantasy novels. I took several photos of the place with permission of the owner, but he only allowed me to photograph certain things and I promised I wouldn’t put them online, that they were just for my book, SECRETS FOR MELUSINE. However, if you’re curious, they have a Flickr account. (This one is a picture of the owner in a girlie sandwich.)

When it was over, The Fabulous B drove me home. The Frenchman took good care of his wobbly, underfed woman in her shameful condition and put her to bed.

A storm of biblical proportions is pummeling Provence, so I can’t do what I wanted to do today, which was continue my research in town. It’s just as well, since I’m a bit hung over. Tonight, another going away party. Eesh.

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