Oh Génépi, Sweet Génépi

Whoever wrote this Wikipedia article on Génépi is out of his mind. I had some last night for the first time and it was simply divine from the first taste. Delicate with a sweetly herbal taste that warms the mouth, I fell completely in love. I’d seen variations on sale in Avoriaz of different colors and with herbs like lavender added. I asked The Frenchman, “What is this liquor sold in delightfully attractive packaging?” He replied, “It’s a specialty of the Alps.” And that was about all he knew about it. I then came down with the Alpine Death Flu and thought not about it again one whit.

It’s threatening to topple absinthe as my favorite liquor. It is that good. Even better than Calvados, and that’s good shit, as they say, but a wee bit overpowering compared to Génépi.

We gave back the television last night that we’d borrowed. You know the time is getting close. We’ll now have to watch Episode #19 of Heroes on our computers. ::sulk:: But I got in some good time with friends and practiced my rusty kitteh squeezing skills. I came home covered in kitteh fur.

Back to the insanity.

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