Amazon: What a Maroon! Redux

I wrote to Amazon again because I’m a masochist but also because I noticed that, on the blog entries under anthologies, they don’t list blog entries by date. Whichever co-author posts first gets their blog post at the top, where it stays as other author blog posts pile up underneath. I wrote to Amazon Connect to suggest that they order blog entries by date, putting the freshest post on top like a regular blog. Here was their reply:

Greetings from

Thank you for writing to with your comments about the way
Author Blogs appear on the product page for anthology titles.

At this time, authors of anthologies that are AmazonConnect members
will appear alphabetically by first name in order to avoid any type
of posting competition.

We appreciate your suggestion, however, and I’ll be sure to pass
your message on to the appropriate department in our company for
consideration. Customer feedback like yours is very important in
helping us continue to improve the selection and service we provide.

Thank you for your interest in AmazonConnect.

Best regards,

Meegan M.
Amazon Connect

“Posting competition”??? Are we, like, fifth graders trying to see who can post more than the other person? What the hell? And listing posts by “first name” is obscenely retarded, especially given that books aren’t listed by the author’s “first name.” I wrote back to “Meegan M.” explaining why this solution was lame in the head and insulting on top of it all.

Excuse me, but I gotta cut this post short because I need to get back to my “posting competition” with all you co-authors out there. Geesh!

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