I’ve not had time to do any thorough astrological analysis. But after reading on the Beeb that three of the six Iowans they’re following are voting for Obama, I thought I’d run his math.

It’s looking damned good despite the polls.

Progressed Vertex conjunct the natal Midheaven: This alone doesn’t mean a lot except that January 4th is a fateful day for his career.

Progressed Moon conjunct natal Jupiter in the 3rd in Aquarius: This was the kicker for me. It’s naturally a very happy time lasting a few weeks.

Progressed Moon trine natal Moon in the 7th: His emotional state will flow well with his public activities and partnerships (7th house).

Transiting Saturn in Virgo sextile natal Neptune in Scorpio the 12th: Concrete communications with the world stimulate his secret ideals around power. (Ooo!)

Without looking at Hillary’s chart, I know hers isn’t so sparkling because transiting Pluto will be squaring her natal Moon as it enters the 7th house (translation: major emotional upheaval as she enters the public sphere). For a contrast, when Neil had Pluto entering his 7th house, he was having issues around being “recognizable.” Described in his blog, there was some incident in particular at a theater he and Maddy had gone to when the transit was exact. However, unlike Hillary, he didn’t have anything else challenging going on.

Anyway, that’s my half-assed prediction. Can’t wait to see what happens in the caucaus.