Gaga Vader and Other Pariah

The only way to start the week is with NPR talking about my favorite masked man of all time. Thanks for the belated Valentine, NPR!

Speaking of insane attractions, The Frenchman and I watched an amazing documentary called Crazy Love this weekend that left me with my jaw dragging on the carpet. Holy shit, what a nightmarish couple. Early on I kept wondering why didn’t she sue him for personal injury. That would have given her the money she needed. But then, by the documentary’s conclusion my question was answered: both people are clearly certifiable.

Very little writing happened this weekend for reasons that escape me — probably because I was wrapped up in all kinds of correspondence — but much love happened and the writing did resume last night at last. And, to end the Bengal debate, The Frenchman found a very silly video that features three Bengals, two of which look almost exactly like Robie. He then went on to unearth a jillion Bengal videos and a great article on play aggression that mainly managed to affirm everything our friend Lisa has been saying. (We’re working on it! Honest!)

As we all gear up for ObamaDay tomorrow — er, I mean the next round of primaries and the Hawaii caucus — do read the brilliant (and infuriating) article entitled, “Christianizing America” by the columnist for The Villiage Voice and The Washington Post, Nat Hentoff.

Amid the hostile stirrings in the audience, I also told them to check out Article VI, Section 3: “. . . no religious test shall ever be required as Qualification to any Office of public Trust under the United States.” For the rest of the day, I was the pariah in the room.

Of that I have no doubt.

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