Bonjour, Mes Reves!

I awoke to find a very cool review and SF reading plug from the one of my favorite roguish writers, Thomas Roche, for Sins in my mailbox, sent by . He writes:

Sins of the Sirens is the third release from John Everson’s Dark Arts Books, a small press specializing in horror. Featuring the talents of Morbid Curiosity publisher Loren Rhoads, Mehitobel Wilson, and Money Shot author Christa Faust as well as Eros Zine contributor Maria Alexander, it’s an unhealthy dose of fourteen dangerous tales of dark desire. Featuring both reprints and originals, it collects three to four of the best horror stories from each of these members of the horror-noir-goth underground,each one laced with liberal doses of eroticism and a sucker-punch of wicked imagination.”

Just what I needed after a night of vivid, especially wild dreams that left me ragged.


And in the car on the way to work, I called Waxman, Boxer and Feinstein to urge them all to use their Superdelegate votes to support the will of the people — that is, the popular vote. Waxman’s office was sweet as usual. Boxer’s voicemail was on. They’re both uncommitted in the Superdelegate race. And Feinstein’s office, while open, was immediately defensive. As soon as I said, “I know the Senator is using her Superdelegate vote to support Clinton, but…” the guy cut me off and said, “We can’t discuss campaign issues on the phone.”

“But this isn’t exactly a campaign issue. This is a broader comment.”


“Yes,” I continued. “I’d simply like to encourage Senator Feinstein, when it comes down to the wire, to use her Superdelegate vote in support of whoever has the popular vote, be it Clinton or Obama.”

“Oh, okay,” he said. He sounded vastly relieved. “It’s just that we get a lot of calls from people wanting to debate her position.”

I’m thinking we totally have the right to challenge her, but I don’t say it. “Well, thank you for taking my comment. That’s really all I’m asking for.”

“Okay. Thank you for calling.”

When did we not have the right to call and challenge our Senator’s position on campaign issues? This is disturbing. I understand not wanting to sit on the phone and argue with someone, but I have the right to call and say, “Please support someone else.” Maybe they think it’s separate from her position as my Senator. However, she wouldn’t even be a Superdelegate if she wasn’t my Senator, if I hadn’t voted her in. Geesh.

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