Hillary Can’t Win

Math is hard…even harder when the numbers aren’t remotely in your favor.

(Thanks, Mr. Ointment.)

Just forget all the imaginary conflict hyped by the media to keep you coming back to the news television shows and websites for your advertising impressions. They want you to think Hillary’s having a “comeback” and that there are “battles to come” so that they can keep your attention and make money off of you.

Turn off the TV. Forget CNN.

Just let everyone vote. Weird concept, eh? As soon as the media knows that we know, then we’ll be able to move on.

ETA: Slate has updated their Delegate Calculator, but they are — very unrealistically — “split(ting) the remaining 10 delegates evenly between the two candidates.” A lesson to you: Even Slate can’t stay out of the hoo-hah.

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