Sunday is My Lucky Bun Day

It’s great news to see archeology supporting what seems so evident. The problem is that evangelicals will only say the tablet is prophetic rather than an early version of the Gospels.

I do find this whole business about the Jefferson Bible really enlightening and amusing. I mean, the idea of an American president chopping up the New Testament and removing all the miraculous bits is just too funny. I can just imagine what Jefferson would say about the United States today. The first thing he would verbally dispatch would be the unbearably stupid creationist museums.

We need a Jeffersonian president. Badly.

In other news, I’ve been laying low this holiday weekend, trying to recover from a whole spate of major life changes. I’ve been hung up on finding a title for my nonfiction proposal project, as it’s the only thing between me and my agent getting the proposal into the hands of editors. I think today I’ll try to write something else and to hell with titles. But if you have a cherished technique for creating titles, I’m all ears.

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