It’s great news to see archeology supporting what seems so evident. The problem is that evangelicals will only say the tablet is prophetic rather than an early version of the Gospels.

I do find this whole business about the Jefferson Bible really enlightening and amusing. I mean, the idea of an American president chopping up the New Testament and removing all the miraculous bits is just too funny. I can just imagine what Jefferson would say about the United States today. The first thing he would verbally dispatch would be the unbearably stupid creationist museums.

We need a Jeffersonian president. Badly.

In other news, I’ve been laying low this holiday weekend, trying to recover from a whole spate of major life changes. I’ve been hung up on finding a title for my nonfiction proposal project, as it’s the only thing between me and my agent getting the proposal into the hands of editors. I think today I’ll try to write something else and to hell with titles. But if you have a cherished technique for creating titles, I’m all ears.