I Am Maria’s Happy Underslept Zombie

The show last night was a great deal of fun. Due to some big changes coming up for Talking Sex Radio, the webcast won’t be posted to the site for some time. So if you missed it, you’ll have to wait to see the devilish deeds of yours truly and filmmaker Devi Snively together on a couch that just begged for girl-on-girl snuggling. When Boogie the production manager discovered Devi and I had a thing for Darth Vader, he tried to titllate us with his imitations of the Dark Lord of the Sith. I particularly loved the Kinku — that’s kinky haiku. Hilarious stuff.

I gave the chat room a choice of which story they wanted me to read — the evil anti-Christmas story or a scary kinky story. To my surprise, they chose “Coming Home.” I think they dug it. I tend to sing the Christmas carol parts and I was delighted to have surprised The Rev Mel with my voice. Devi read a bit of inspired prose she’d scribed that morning about zombie sex.

The best part, I think, was when Colin Sir (a well-known dominant in the Los Angeles scene) rocked the house with a donation of $500 dollars from the Society of Monarchs. He also announced an upcoming fundraiser to help Talking Sex Radio, as the Rev Mel moves TSR from Ning.com to its own domain. I’ve always thought well of Colin and this just proves his awesomeness.

I’ll let you all know when it’s up!

But then I got to bed late and Cairo kept waking me up. He didn’t mean to, I think. He would sit next to me and purr so loudly it made the bed vibrate. And then Robie climbed on my chest and purred like a Boeing 747 while trying to touch his cold wet nose to mine. Fantastically cute, but it was just too much. I finally put Cairo in the kitty gaol and tossed Robie out of the bedroom. Terrible offenses! Purring! And Eskimo kisses! What’s the world coming to?

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