Les Temoins de Jehovah Repondent

I called the Alliance Francaise de Los Angeles this morning and they told me that, because they’re a non-profit, they cannot sell lists. I believe them. During my years with The Frenchman and the Alliance Francaise de Pasadena, I trust they’d not do such a thing, but I still needed to check.

The French Chamber of Commerce might be a different matter. I sent an email to them and I’m hoping to get something in writing one way or the other.

Meanwhile, a nice fellow in the UK who read my blog entry and is un Temoin de Jehovah sent me an email jokingly explaining that I must have spoken French to a Witness to avoid them, so they left a French tract on my door. He said that they call because they care.

I explained that ex-boyfriends who stalk their ex-girlfriends “care,” too. I also told him that I’d never speak French to avoid the opportunity to urge someone to run from the brainwashing like they’re escaping a burning building. Why? Because I care!

(Seriously, Arthur. Run.)

Anyway, I’m still rather paranoid. What next? French Mormons? Putain de merde!

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