Long in the Tooth

This morning I went for what was ostensibly my last root canal treatment. Hooray! I still have to go back for a regular filling and crown, which will cost a small fortune, of course. But the horror is finished, as far as I know.

The best part of actually finishing was the x-ray that the dental assistant took of the tooth right afterward. There were these two “eyes” in the crown of the tooth complete with eyebrows, a “pug” nose beneath, and the very long tooth roots curved to form an oblong screaming mouth. (My roots are, from what I’m told, pretty long. 32mm and 34mm in that tooth.) I pointed at the x-ray and said, “There’s an evil face in my tooth! Look!” The assistant saw it when I pointed it out. But the dentist saw it right away. “Well, won’t you look at that! A face!” he said hardly before I could make a numb-lipped peep.

The whole misadventure has rocked my body in the worst way. Massive headaches and now other medical drama that the doctor says is related to the trauma of the root canal infection. Let’s hope it passes swiftly so that I can get some damned writing done, to say the least!

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